Board of Directors

President and Co-FounderLaura headshot.jpg
Lauretana Cipriani

Lauretana Cipriani is an Ottawa-based Director and Designer. She is currently at the University of Ottawa where she is completing her degree in Theatre and Religious Studies. Laura has been working in the theatre as a make-up artist since 2009, and has also been featured as an artist in several films. She made her directorial debut with St. Pius X’s 2011 production of Maul of the Dead and won the 2011 Improv Award.

Past Directing Credits Include: Like Dreaming, Backwards (Red Carpet Theatre Society 2015), The Bloody Attack of the Evil Demonic Giraffe Puppet (St. Pius X 2012), and Maul of the Dead (St. Pius X 2011).

Past Makeup Credits Include: Dear Donovan (2014 Film), Waiting for Jack Bower (2014 Film), Thirst (uOttawa Musical Theatre Society 2014), Princess T (uOttawa Drama Guild 2013), The Changeling (Unicorn Theatre 2013), and A Very Potter Musical (uOttawa Musical Theatre Society 2012).

Laura is an avid lover of absurdist and Shakespearean theatre, and hopes to one day take on the task of directing Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

Vice President, Treasurer and Co-Founder
Christopher LeeChris headshot

Originally from Langley, BC, Christopher Lee is currently at the University of Ottawa completing his degree in Business specializing in Management with option of Entrepreneurship and has been involved in theatre since 2010 in high school.

Chris is a passionate theatre technician who has learned many skills over the past several years, including: lighting operation, lighting design, sound operation, set design, set building, and special effects makeup.

Past Production experience includes: Like Dreaming, Backwards (Red Carpet Theatre Society 2015), 4.48 Psychosis (Animaus Theatre, 2015), Disney for Dummies (UOttawa Musical Theatre Society, 2015), Thirst (UOttawa Musical Theatre Society, 2013), A Very Potter Musical (UOttawa Musical Theatre Society, 2012), Beauty and the Beast (D.W. Poppy Secondary, 2012) and Grease (D.W. Poppy Secondary, 2011).

Chris also ran a successful painting business for two years, while fully managing a team of marketers and painters.  He managed client relation, budgeting, and customer service throughout his term there. He is honoured to be part of Red Carpet Theatre Society.


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