Like Dreaming, Backwards

Like Dreaming, Backwards 2015Like Dreaming, Backwards
Written by Kellie Powell

The Protagonist
Nell: Olivia Tilley

Those Left Behind
Yale: Adam Sakauye
Natalie: Renee St. Jean
Leah: Bobby Robert

Libby: Zoe Towne
Hath: Ian Porteous
Deck: Kyle Villeneuve

Production Team
Directors: Lauretana Cipriani &
Troy Arsenian
Stage Manager: Brittany Boots
Technical Director: Christopher Lee
Assistant Tech Director: Katie Rochford

About the Show

Cast:Crew Photo

Like Dreaming Backwards is a one-act play written by American playwright Kellie Powell. The play touches upon the important, but often ignored topics of abuse, mental health and suicide.

Following the life and death of Nell, it describes the painful descent into insanity and the lack of assistance available to those who are suffering.

The play takes place in two time periods. The past and the present. It shows us what happened to Nell from her own perspective, and how it affects those around her.

About the Playwright

Kellie Powell’s plays have been produced by Love Creek Productions, Art International Radio, KNOW Theatre, Hinman Production Company, the Illinois State University Free Stage Festival, the Penny Dreadful Players, and Studio Z. Her plays have been published by JAC Publishing & Promotions, and These Aren’t My Shoes productions.

Her poetry has appeared in a selection of literary magazines, and in the anthology Ugly Poets, Beautiful Poems, edited by Christine Casher and published by Canyon Drive Press. She has written non-fiction for the Daily Vidette, The Feminist Review, and After Ellen.

Powell was born and raised in Central Illinois. She wrote her first extant play in high school, and became involved in the founding of the independent theatre group Stick & Co. Productions. She attended Illinois State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. She has also studied at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. For more on Kellie Powell and These Aren’t My Shoes Productions, visit:

Like Dreaming, Backwards was performed with the explicit permission of the playwright and These Aren’t My Shoes Productions